The Golf Lab

Third Space Canary Wharf

Your Taster Includes:

Ball Flight Data.  Club-head IMPACT Data.Digital Video Analysis and TPI Screening 

Game Evaluation and Prognosis

The Golf Lab 

"Since joining the golf lab my game has nothing but improved, I now understand my swing and how to manipulate it better than ever before. The golf lab has 3 large bays, great equipment (if you don't bring your own) and PGA pro's that are happy to answer and help every step of the way."  

Stanley Nouch 


"Had an amazing first lesson with Matt, and will be sure to return again! Facilities are great, and the coaching is top notch 👌"

Max Phillips


Learn, practice or play in the best environment possible.

The Golf Lab is an indoor golf facility at Third Space in the heart of Canary Wharf, London. Lessons from our expert professionals and practice using high speed cameras and the latest launch monitors will help you achieve your best golf ever.  We have three hitting bays and all have golf simulators and instant action replay video analysis.
Why The Golf Lab?

Video analysis provides instant slow motion replay to help you monitor your swing with every shot you hit. Each bay has two camera video analysis and our latest software stores each and every one of your swings to the icloud for instant and continual reference.

QUAD, GC2 with HMT (Head Measurement Technology).  This is the lost accurate club-head and club-face data available. Do you want to know what your club is doing at impact? This technology tells us exactly that and with our coaching knowledge, we will show you how to better control your impact for more consistency.

GC2 Simulators and FSX Software Enjoy real life golf experience on our HD simulators. You choose to either practice on the range, play on the top courses from around the world or take a Skilz Challenge.

Coaching. Our professionals are qualified PGA, TPI, The Golfing Machine and Trackman Certified Instructors. This expert knowledge will help you learn the most efficient and consistent way for you to play the game.
K-Motion... 6 Dimensional measurement technology. Improve your movement for more control and efficiency.  Identify your best movement pattern  using this amazing state of the art technology.


PGA ‘AA’ Professionals Certified with over 50 yrs. Coaching experience to provide you with the highest level of personal service. The origins of the PGA go back to Victorian times and the work and dedication of three golfing pioneers: JH Taylor, James Braid and Harry Vardon.  Their desire was to raise the status of those men who earned their living from playing the game.


Titleist Performance Institute Certified.  dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. TPI discovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, TPI has analyzed how physical limitations in a player’s body can adversely affect the golf swing and potentially lead to injury.


Trackman Certified.  TrackMan provides the platform that helps you improve your golf game whether you are a Tour Pro or a Sunday golfer looking to cut a few strokes off your round. We have provided ball flight data and swing analysis to the professional golf industry since 2003. Manufacturers, tour pros, teachers, students and range facilities all take advantage of the TrackMan numbers on a daily basis.



GASP Golf Systems Certified. The Sports Coach GPS golf simulator delivers the ultimate indoor golf experience, far more than simply playing golf. The system has been designed to provide an incredibly realistic indoor golf environment for both playing and practicing. State of the art technology and components are used to transport you into an “indoor golf world” which is easy to understand and use. Our aim is to improve your golf in a warm environment whist having fun!


The Golfing Machine Certified.  The Golfing Machine is the premier advanced learning system for professional golf instructors worldwide. Based on Homer Kelley’s classic textbook, "The Golfing Machine", this instruction system has been improving golf strokes since 1969. Our instruction relies on science — simple geometry and everyday physics — to enhance golf instructors' observation skills and allow them to better analyze, diagnose and improve each student’s unique golf stroke.


PEAK™ Certified Professional Training has been developed by some of golf’s most trusted and knowledgeable instructors who share the belief that great technology combined with great training is essential to game improvement and professional growth.


Tim, Clive & Alex

Tim, "In order to make a change to your technique we must first find out how your current method works and what changes would help you reach your ambitions. How good you want to get is limitless if you have the time and motivation.  A clear understanding of what the likely learning curve will be based on your goals, current level, your schedule and your budget is vital for you to understand how to take your golf to the next level. Through Trackman data, 3D motion capture, high speed video and Ground force analysis, accurate fact driven analysis allows me to shorten the learning curve and offer value through results. Come in for a free trial to find out how I can guide you to your golfing targets."


The Golf Lab

Third Space 
16-19 Canada Square

Canary Wharf

London E14 5ER


Tel: 0207 970 0928

The Golf Lab is open 6 days a week:

Monday                  10am-9pm 

Tuesday                 10am-9pm

Wednesday            10am-9pm

Thursday               10am-9pm

Friday                     10am-7pm

Saturday                10am-4pm 


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We are located at Thirdspace Canary Wharf, take the lift to the left of Waitrose to the 2nd Floor.  We are just past reception. 

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The Golf Lab, Third Space, 16-19 Canada Square

Canary Wharf, London E14 5ER

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