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Matt Nicolle is  a PGA Professional and Professional long driver! He will be joining the golf lab team as a full time coach from the second week of September. His specialty is distance, he hits the ball a seriously long way and can also apply the knowledge he has from his own long drive background to gain you some more yards of the tee.

Long Drive is a sport within itself were the players will battle it out, usually in a match play format hitting sets of 8 balls in 3 minutes, the longest ball on the grid wins! The equipment plays a big factor in gaining this distance with Matt using 2-3 degree drivers at 48 inches in length, with the shaft flex being 4-5 extra stiff! Highlighting the importance of custom fitting for everyone who plays the game so they can maximize their distance.

Understanding the importance of impact and launch conditions is paramount in long drive and also for everyone playing the game. The characteristics that create this distance of the tee are high launching drives with low spin and minimal spin axis  tilt on the golf ball . This will be achieved by having a positive attack angle whilst keeping the dynamic loft down, usually when this attack angle is positive it will create a swing direction that is moving right. All these factors linked together will raise the smash factor of your drives resulting in better club head and ball speed efficiency equaling longer drives!

Matt is the reigning Long Drive European Tour champion and came runner up in the latest event on the Long Drive World Series, hitting the longest ball of the event at 439 yards! He has just come back from The World Championships where he finished 28th.

If you are looking to hit the ball further, gain more speed, would like all round coaching or on course lessons, contact Matt at the golf lab.




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